DOME’s recruitment process is primarily driven by the wants and needs of its existing and/or potential client base, and is overseen by Fred Reinking and the Business Development team.

Applicants are put through a 2 level interview process that involves background checks, referee validation, provision of legitimate (current) licences and achievement certificates, relevant skills and competencies, suitable personal attributes/characteristics, and an assessment of the applicant to fully adopt the core values of the company, and to be a long term valuable member of the DOME team.

We believe having the ability and desire to adopt and abide by the company’s core values is just as important as having the skills, knowledge and experience to do the job.

DOME’s key recruitment objectives are to –

  • recruit staff who have a genuine belief in DOME’s core company values, and who also have the perceived capacity and desire to deliver on each of those values
  • match the individual’s personality traits, attitudes, behavioural skills and competencies against the key needs of the client (i.e. fit for purpose)
  • only employ staff who will embrace and enhance the DOME brand
  • only employ staff who can quickly adapt to the different work environments that DOME Security operates in, and who can perform  the various security role requirements that DOME contracts to deliver
  • maintain an optimal number of security staff that can cover a range of emergency contingencies across their portfolio of clients
  • develop and maintain a leadership group that provides DOME with the ability to seamlessly take over and manage new contracts


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