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This premium service offer is targeted to shopping centre owners that want an overt focus on customer service, but at the same time retaining the all-important security fundamentals. We recognise that retail landlords are operating in a very competitive environment that requires them to continually evolve and to meet the changing demands of customers. In effect, customers expect, and will respond to, a shopping centre experience that makes them feel positive, and makes them feel special – i.e. that treats them like a guest. This will encourage shoppers to visit more often and increase their length of stay.

As a long standing provider of quality security services to the shopping centre industry in Victoria, DOME is taking the lead by establishing a separate business unit that specialises in providing superior guest service levels that can meet the specific requirement of both large and small scale clients. Our aim is to be both a multi service and multi-level service provider that can meet the different needs of different owners – we see flexibility and the ability to “mix and match” service offers as a key strength going forward.

Under the DOME V.I.P banner, we will only recruit and/or select existing staff that meet our key personal characteristics – i.e. a genuine interest to engage with people, a friendly and caring demeanour, a desire to help and add value to the guest experience, and the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. Our staff will be fitted out in quality fitted suits that are of a standard one would see on a 5 star hotel concierge service provider – and personal grooming standards and presentation will be set to equivalent high standards. All staff will need to successfully complete our specially tailored customer service training modules, and all staff will undertake a comprehensive (centre specific) induction program before commencing work. We will also equip our staff with the latest technology that will allow them to be information providers, a marketing and operational support resource, and a real time reporter to key stakeholders.

Focused on the Customer is the underlying philosophy of DOME V.I.P

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