DOME Security has provided continuous shopping centre security services in Melbourne since 1997, highlighted by long term service contracts at Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC’s) three regional shopping centres. These popular centres are –

  • Eastland Shopping Centre at Ringwood
  • Watergardens Town Centre at Taylors Lakes
  • Woodgrove Shopping Centre at Melton.

* note: QIC owns and manages 11 major retail centres in Australia.
DOME, being the incumbent security contractor at the each of the above centres, prides itself on being focused on the customer, and this philosophy has maintained high performance standards over a long period of time at cost competitive rates. In addition to undertaking the primary security functions, another key aim of DOMEis to provide a flexible, value add service to the three main business arms of the centre management teams, namely operations, marketing and mall leasing. Examples of the types of roles they encompass are –

  1. OPERATIONS – contractor inductions, incident reports, contractor compliance, CCTV monitoring, emergency systems checking, periodic and ongoing risk assessments (internal/external), maintenance reporting, duty management.
  2. MARKETING – customer service feedback, retailer correspondence distribution, supporting promotional campaigns, information desk back up/support, enforcing trading outside of lease lines, marketing display material set up
  3. MALL LEASING – furniture set up & dismantling, enforcing trading standards and guidelines, rent collection, spruiking control

DOMESecurity staff pride themselves on being the client’s front line representative that has the important responsibility of being the eyes and ears of the centre.
DOME staff are trained and supervised to understand that their role involves continuous interaction with customers, retailers and the centre management team – as such, we aim to ensure our security staff have good people skills, and can communicate in a clear and concise way.


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