All DOME Security employees must have successfully completed the Certificate II in Security Operations from a recognised training provider, and hold a current VIC Private Security Individual Licence (which all staff need to keep current whilst employed by DOME).

Employees also need to be Level 2 First Aid accredited, including training in the use of defibrillators and oxygen therapy.

Once employed, the staff member will be assessed by DOME Security’s Operations Manager for further training needs, and a training program put in place to address these needs. This will typically involve site specific training (i.e. operational aspects conducted by the site supervisor), additional security skills (eg batons and handcuffs, control room operator, counter terrorism awareness), and specialised customer service training (eg Certificate 11 or 111 in Customer Contact).

Staff performance reviews are conducted annually, which includes identifying training needs to either address skills/competency shortfalls, or enhance the development of staff via up-skilling programs.

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