To be the leading security service provider that is always focused on the customer.


DOME Security’s mission is to provide a consistently high level of service that is responsive to the needs of the client, the customer and the environment.


The Core Values are the foundation of the DOME culture and brand, they drive our day to day business.

1.   Leader – setting the future direction of Security by leading with world class standards.

2.   Teamwork – the foundation of everything we do. A work ethic that encourages all DOME staff to go that extra mile.

3.   Customer Focused – a passion for customer service excellence. DOME understands that security is about servicing people and being focused on all elements surrounding this.

4.   Continuous Improvement – DOME will never rest on it success, we believe that we can always do things better, smarter, more effectively and more efficiently. We are committed to improving all functions and involve all employees.

5.  DOME encourages all staff to focus on the details in their role. DOME is not part of a large corporate conglomerate, which means that the business operations are nimble to respond to the environment and this is reflected in all DOME training and day to day operations.

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