Focused on the Customer

Shopping Centre Security

DOME Security specialises in Shopping Centre Security and focuses on the customer in every way. DOME understands that importance of making your shopping centre a friendly and secure place for all customers to visit and enjoy their shopping experience.

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Event Security

With over 30 years’ experience in event security, DOME Security is able to provide the expertise on all areas that are required to manage a successfully secure event.

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Construction Site Security

DOME Security can provide you with the right advice to secure your site. Our expert team will monitor and control access to your site to ensure that your needs are met.

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Corporate Security

From corporate functions to company office security to office building security, DOME Security will ensure it provides suitably experienced and qualified staff that best match the client’s key needs and expectations.

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Qualified Security Personnel?

DOME Security is continually recruiting qualified security personnel & crowd controllers seeking employment.

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